Exposé in Ubuntu

25 05 2008

I was doing some digging today, looking in the Compiz settings to see if there was something similar to Expose, from the Apple OS – and of course, there was. If you open the Settings pane under System>Preferences>Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, you will be able to scroll down to a heading titled “Window Management”. In here there is an option called “Scale” – enable that by clicking the checkbox to the left of the icon. By default, the trigger is Shift+Alt+Up, but if you click on it, go to Bindings and find where it says “Initiate Window Picker”, you are able to change it to your preference. The first option titled that is for choosing a “hot corner” to trigger the program, while the second is for using a keystroke.

Note: You must install Compiz Fusion in order to get this effect to work. To do so, read the post on installing common programs in Ubuntu.



20 responses

8 03 2009

U’ re great!

10 04 2009

Yes, kudos to you

24 04 2009

This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the straightforward instructions. Compiz is amazing!

25 05 2009

Thanks! I was looking for this exactly!

18 07 2009
Anuj Rathi

Thanks! And may I say that it works better than mac 🙂

20 09 2009

cheers, ’tis awesome!

29 10 2009
Terrance Brown (terranceb) 's status on Thursday, 29-Oct-09 09:43:51 UTC - Identi.ca

[…] Exposé in Ubuntu « TechBlogger a few seconds ago from web […]

10 11 2009


20 01 2010

this is total bad-assery. as soon as we can play games with relative ease and sweet graphics windows and os x are history

21 02 2010

It is great, but I noticed that it only allows me to select the windows that are not currently minimized (even for alt + tab, is the same issue). How can I make this allows me to select ALL the windows opened on my desktop and not only the maximized ones?

27 04 2010

Thanks a bunch

thats what i’ve been looking for!

16 05 2010

I have no “Advanced Desktop Effects” under “System>Preferences”.

Compiz is definitely installed because I checked in the Ubuntu Software Centre, and was told it’s already installed. So it is there somewhere.

29 06 2010
Happy Guy

This is the one thing I missed most from my mac. Thank you!

14 08 2010

another name for the “Advanced desktop Effects” is “compizconfig settings manager”

27 02 2011

I can’t find this, I know it’s here but I cannot find the way to do this…patiently waiting and googling

24 11 2010
Rozliczenia nfz

Thanks 🙂 Compiz is great !

30 12 2010
abedelhadi shajrawi

Thanks a lot 🙂

1 07 2011

Just what I was looking for.


17 05 2012
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23 03 2017
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Exposé in Ubuntu | TechBlogger

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