Pixelmator 1.2 Draftsman

30 04 2008

The Pixelmator team just posted a new article today on their blog talking about the future of Pixelmator. In summary, they’re going to be working all summer on 1.3 codenamed Tempo. Their goal with Tempo is all around performance. “Our task with Tempo is to stun every single user of Pixelmator by speed (think large images) of the app as much as we did with the UI and other never-before-seen things.” They also posted a screenshot on Flickr of 1.2 – most notably, you can see the Polygonal Lasso Tool (finally), Cuves and Guides. Visually, 1.2 looks the same as the current version and the team made no reference to the UI in 1.3 – which will presumably reman the same as well. You can read the entire post on the Pixelmator web site here.

Update: Pixelmator 1.2 Draftsman has been released and includes rulers, guides, grids, snapping, curves, color balance, auto enhance, a polygonal lasso tool and a completley reworked transform tool (allows you to use it as in Photoshop Elements with the box around each layer and isn’t glitchy like the prior version).

Beautiful Wallpapers

29 04 2008

I found this web site that has a good portion of iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and other wallpapers. I believe most of them are vector designed – which I love. Check out the site here.

Cool Mac Apps

26 04 2008

I stumbled on to this cool web site, Donelleschi Software, that has developed some really handy little applications: Sapiens, Sticky Windows, Filegazer and DockFun!. All of the apps are Shareware, so there is a demo available, but it nicely reminds you to please purchase it. Check all of the applications out here.

Note: Filegazer and DockFun! do NOT work with Leopard.

Ubuntu 8.04 Finally Released!

24 04 2008

Finally, Ubuntu 8.04 has come out of Beta and onto people’s computers everywhere. From what I have been hearing, the site’s being bombarded with downloads right now, so you might want to wait until the weekend to download it. You can check out my initial coverage of 8.04 here. Or if you really want to, you can download it now from the Ubuntu website.

Amazing Website

23 04 2008

Check out this web site that I found out about from th Geekbrief.TV podcast; Its probably one of the coolest websites I have EVER seen in my life (I’m referring to the webcam portion)….http://hrp.com/

Sound Studio Unlocked!

22 04 2008

Just to let everyone know, Sound Studio v.3.5.5 has just been unlocked iI the MacUpdate Parallels Bundle. Make sure you grab it before it ends in 7 days!

p.s. BannerZest is unlocked after 780 more sales.

RSS Feeds!

19 04 2008

I love RSS (Really Simple Syndication), plain and simple. To explain RSS really easily, it basically collects posts from a blog and collects them in a list that is easily viewable – like an email. I find it very handy because I enjoy reading up on the latest tech, but I’d rather not visit all of those sites in my browser – so instead I use my RSS aggregator, which sorts them into neat little folders for me. OS X has some great RSS aggregators [Wikipedia article] such as its own Mail.app, NetNewsWire and Vienna (my personal favorite). Also, pretty much every modern web browser supports RSS feeds such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Flock. If for some reason, you don’t have the option to or would rather not use one of the built-in RSS aggregators in the browsers, I would recommended Google Reader. The RSS aggregator I use for Windows is Windows Live Mail, simply because I liked the user interface and how it mixes with MSN as well. To subscribe to my website via RSS, either click the RSS button in your search bar at the top of your browser or add https://techblogger08.wordpress.com/feed/ to your list of subscribed RSS feeds.

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