50+ Text Effect Tutorials

21 09 2008

Here’s a link to 50+ amazing different text effects that can be created in Adobe Photoshop. They’re all quite stunning in their own way. I, personally, have tried a couple of them out han have been pleased with the effects. Check them out here.


Meet: Backdrops for Your Life

19 08 2008

Yesterday I launched a new site entitled Backdrops for Your Life which is where I will be posting all of the wallpapers that I have created. I did this because I had been posting them here for a while but I didn’t think it really suited the site. Therefore, I moved them to this new site which I am very proud of.

Now you can enjoy both of my web sites! 😀

[Backdrops for Your Life]

Del.icio.us Now Delicious.com – Revamped and New Look

31 07 2008

Delicious, the very popular social bookmarking website has officially replaced their old site (Del.icio.us) to Delicious.com – an extremely attractive site that’s also much faster due to the new backend. I personally didn’t care very much for the original Delicious but I can’t say I ever gave it much of a try. With this new design and speed boost, I decided t give it a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use and I never figured sharing bookmarks could be so handy. Within a couple of minutes I ended up with the picture you see above – 29 bookmarks and 19 tabs. Very little effort required. Below is the post from the Delicious.com Blog.

“Over the past few days we’ve been transitioning Delicious over to our new platform, quietly starting with RSS feeds and APIs. Today we’re taking the final step and flipping the switch on the new web site: delicious.com.
The new Delicious is just like the old del.icio.us, only faster, easier to learn, and hopefully more delightful to use and to look at.  Here are the main changes:
Speed: We’ve moved to a new infrastructure that makes every page faster. This new platform will enable us to keep up with traffic growth while ensuring Delicious is responsive and reliable. You may not have noticed, but the old back-end was getting creaky under the load of five million users.
Search: We’ve completely overhauled our search engine to make it faster and more powerful. Searches used to take ages to return results; now they’re very quick. The new search engine is also smarter, and more social: you can search within one of your tags, another user’s public bookmarks, or your social network. Now it’s easier to take advantage of the expertise and interests of your friends, not to mention the Delicious community at large.

Design: Finally, we’ve updated the user interface to improve usability and add a few often-requested features (such as selectable detail levels and alphabetical sorting of bookmarks). Our goal has been to keep the new design similar in spirit to the old one, so all of you veterans should be able to jump in without any confusion. At the same time, we’re hoping that newcomers to Delicious will find it easier to learn.  Check out the What’s New page for an overview of the changes, or watch this animation that sums it up nicely:

So why did we switch to delicious.com?  We’ve seen a zillion different confusions and misspellings of “del.icio.us” over the years (for example, “de.licio.us”, “del.icio.us.com”, and “del.licio.us”), so moving to delicious.com will make it easier for people to find the site and share it with their friends.  Of course the old del.icio.us domain and all its URLs will continue to work.  Also note that the domain change requires a new login cookie, which is why everyone has to log in again.
It has taken us a while to get here, and we really appreciate all the patience and support you’ve shown us. Now that our new platform is in place we expect to release new features more quickly. Please check out the new site and then head over to our new discussion forum to let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next.  We’ll be listening.

We’ll also be posting to the blog soon to share some details about decisions we made and lessons we learned during the development and design process.

The Delicious Team”

Happy bookmarking! 😀

Amazing Website

23 04 2008

Check out this web site that I found out about from th Geekbrief.TV podcast; Its probably one of the coolest websites I have EVER seen in my life (I’m referring to the webcam portion)….http://hrp.com/

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