The Linux Command Line

30 03 2008


I myself, am a newbie when it comes to Linux and its Command Line Interface (or CLI for short). I decided to do some browsing and found this site that walks you through the basics of using the CLI and gradually gets more complicated. Check it out here.

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

27 03 2008

 Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Desktop

Right now you can grab the beta of Hardy Heron if you really want, but the final release is in 28 days.

New Features List:

  • Firefox 3 Beta 4 replaced Firefox 2
  • Transmission is now the default pre-installed BitTorrent application, which replaces the Gnome BitTorrent downloader
  • New VNC client, Vinagre, pre-installed in beta
  • Brasero CD/DVD burning application
  • View time and weather in multiple locations
  • Wubi installer (very handy)

There are a lot more additions too…check the whole list out here.

A couple more pics:

Facebook Instant Messenger!

22 03 2008

Now you can be on Facebook even more – if thats possible…

Sometime, within the next two weeks, Facebook will be adding an integrated chat service that allows you to see who’s online and to talk with them like on AIM or MSN. Watch the video above to see a preview of what they are planning on it to look like –  but they stated that it may change drastically from now to the point when it is released to the public.I personally can’t wait. Post in the comments below to voice your own opinion on IM or Facebook in general – or whatever you want, really.

How To Build an Invisible Bookshelf [Impress Your Friends – Kinda]

17 03 2008


Over at Home Rejuvenation, they’ve posted a nice little how-to they found on building your own “invisible bookshelf”. The effect is quite neat so i figured I might as well tell all of you so you could see it for yourself. All you really need is a couple of screws, an L-bracket, and an old but thick book. Check out the video here.

“Back to My Mac” for Free

16 03 2008

Here’s an interesting article that I found on Lifehacker the other day. Its a whole how-to for setting up a similar method of Back to My Mac but its entirely free. I just though you guys would enjoy this…Get back to Your Mac Without Paying for It

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Slimming Down Your Flash Drive [At Your Own Risk]

10 03 2008

So I was bored this weekend and decided to slim down my old memory stick for no apparent reason.

Supplies you will need:

  • Memory Stick
  • Tape (Clear packing tape looks best)

Step 1 – Remove plastic covering around the flash drive and circuit board.
Step 2 – Wrap tape around circuit board

And voila, you have a slimmed down flash memory stick

SlingPlayer Coming to iPod touch and iPhone Soon?

9 03 2008
According to 9 to 5 Mac via, this is indeed the case:

“ is saying that Sling is ready to build an iPhone-iPod touch client for its popular place shifting video and TV over the Internet hardware. Obviously it won’t work well over EDGE, but it will work over WiFi and eventually over 3G. Their Sling source said:“iPhone and iPod touch are OS X devices, and we can write OS X apps with our eyes closed. It’s coming.

We know the 3G iPhone’s coming so that’ll obviously be better. But for now the iPod touch could end up being the best way to use Slingplayer.”

The iPhone-iPod makes sense as a fantastic platform for the Slingplayer. However, Apple might not want them on their platform for fear of interfering with iTunes TV shows. Perhaps Sling can build a streaming Quicktime format with web controls that can be utilized through AJAX?

As Slingbox and iPhone owning expats, we can only say to Apple….Bring the Sling!”

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