Rejaw – Can It Stand Out In the Crowd?

8 08 2008

What is Rejaw, you ask? It is another (yes, another) micro-blogging web site that competes against the likes of Twitter and Pownce – but this one has a couple tricks up its sleeve.

For one, it offers live messaging – no need to refresh the page here. This feature is killer for me, because I always found it annoying that I couldn’t just glance at the page every now and then, I’d have to refresh the entire page. When used, it reminds me a lot like instant messaging because of the instant feedback, which is both good and bad. It’s good because it allows for quick and seamless discussions between people. It’s bad because I can imagine some people using it as an IM client, with tons of messages back and forth, so you would end up receiving parts of their conversation if you are following them – a problem not faced by its other micro-blogging competitors. But honestly, that’s not really that bad of a situation, it just makes things a bit crazier. I can deal.

Another plus of Rejaw is that it has it’s own app (currently only for OS X, pictured above) called “RejawRadar”, which is well designed and simplistic. Its also nice that I don’t have to keep my browser open to see updates from people. It even integrates with Growl, making it seem very close to an actual instant messaging application. (Desktop apps obviously contradict my “refreshing issue” argument in the previous argument, but not everyone wants a desktop app.)

Also, you are able to quickly and easily find contacts that you may have on Facebook or Gmail. Unfortunately, as of current, I am the first of my friends to get it. I hope that soon changes, and plan to get a few others to try it in the near future.

Finally, the ability to have a simple reply area makes it a whole lot easier for me, personally. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve just never liked the way Twitter and others have their reply system with things like “@username” and such. The way Rejaw implements it seems much more comprehensible to my brain for some reason.

In the end, would I recommend it? Most definitely. The only reason I might even consider anywhere else would be for the larger user database. But keep in mind, Rejaw is an up-and-coming service. Heck, it doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia page yet! I sincerely hope this service grows and I have no doubt that it will.

Two thumbs up! 😀

WordPress For iPhone

22 07 2008


Early today, WordPress released their brand new iPhone and iPod touch app into the App Store. As of right now, I can tell to covers basically every blogging function in WordPress and places it in this great package. The option to preview a post is a great feature that I wouldn’t have expected to been implemented in the initial release, but non-the-less it was brought to us.
The only function I would like to see added as of right now would be the addition of blog stats like the ones on their website (and obviously you can’t view the graphs in Mobile Safari because of the lack of Flash).
Overall, this is a very nicely designed app and am excited to test it out further on the near future.

Note: This entire post was written through the WordPress app.

New Articles

15 04 2008

Hey everyone, I was just wondering what you guys would be looking to see from me in terms of article topics. Lately I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Linux as I just got the new beta, but I also have a Windows machine and a Mac. Feel free to leave a comment below requesting something such as tips/tricks/software for Windows/Linux/OS X or really anything tech related. Try to keep the requests easy on the cash 🙂

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