CyberSearch – Search from Firefox Address Bar

3 07 2008

[Firefox only] I stumbled into this application the other day and decided to give it a whirl – and boy, is it ever handy. It places the power of Google Search services such as image, news and web search in the address bar of Firefox to allow for easy searching from any web site you please.

The coolest feature though, is the fact that you can restrict the results to a specific domain such as “” which will only display google results for that web site. Also, you have the ability to place your favorite favicon in the results of the drop down menu. Check out the video below to see the add-on in action.


Congrats to Mozilla!

3 07 2008

Firefox officially now holds the world record for the most downloads of a particular item in a 24 hour period. The total number stated by Mozilla is a whopping 8,002,530 downloads – along with 21,114,091 more downloads spanning betweeng the then of the Official Firefox Download Day and today as of 1:13 PM ET. That brings the total of downloads of Firefox 3 to an incredible 29,116,621 downloads in total.

In my experiences, Firefox 3 was leaps and bounds above the previous incarnations, with the “awesome bar”, brilliant favoriting system and new look. Couple these features with some of your favorite plug-ins (Better Gmail 2, PicLens, CyberSearch, etc.) and you have one killer web-browser that is tough to beat under any circumstances.

If you havent been one of the 29,116,621 people who have downloaded it as of yet, you can grab it from here. Happy browsing.

Popular Apps for Ubuntu and How To Install Them

2 04 2008

For some reason, I just love installing programs through the terminal on Ubuntu. Its just so much more interesting then going through the Synaptic Package Manager. Some of my favorite apps that I’ve found while playing around with Hardy Heron are Compiz Fuzion (must have), Thunderbird (email client) and Gnome-Do (Quicksilver / Launchy for Linux). Here is how to install them:

Open the Terminal (Applications–>Accessories–>Terminal) and type the words in italics to install each:


sudo apt-get update

sudo aptitude install mozilla-thunderbird

Compiz Fusion:

sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-core compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-gnome compiz-plugins

Gnome – Do

sudo apt-get install gnome-do

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