Error 13213 with iPod Touch? [Fix]

10 09 2008

Yesterday, I downloaded the new version of iTunes along with the update for my iPod touch. In doing so, I got the error message “The iPod “Jahfers iPod” cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13213).

My first guess was that something went wrong in the iPod firmware update so I restored it to factory settings. If you have gotten this error too, don’t bother – it doesn’t help. As of yesterday there was nothing on the web but today I found a discussion on Apple’s site that seems to have fixed the issue. Follow the steps below and your ipod should work fine.
1. Unplug your iPod Touch and turn it off. Hold the power button at the top until the red slider appears and power it down completely.
2. Quit iTunes 8
3. Relaunch iTunes 8
4. Plug in Touch – DO NOT TURN IT ON FIRST. Make sure it’s still off completely from step 1.
5. Should sync normally

[Apple Discussions]

Maximizing Your iPod/iPhone’s Battery

2 09 2008

Recently, I took a trip down to Ottawa from my hometown of Oakville, Ontario to drop my older sister off at university. The time it takes to get there is roughly around five and a half hours. Naturally on a rip of this caliber I decided to take my trusty iPod touch along for the ride. On the way there I was using regular settings and was able to watch around 20-30 min of video and a couple hours of music – no other applications.

When we arrived at our destination, I got the warning that my iPod had only “10% battery life remaining” and I thought to myself, Oh crap!. And of course, being the great planner I am, I didn’t bring an iPod charger with me so I would have to make do with what I had. And so I set out to achieve a record battery life on 10% juice remaining – 7 and a half hours!

Curious as to how I did this? I am kind of too…but what I can tell you are the settings I used for the trip back to limit my power usage. The first thing I did was to turn off the “Ask to Join Networks” option (Settings>Wi-Fi). That saves a chunk of power because it won’t constantly be looking for new networks to join. The second setting I changed was the brightness (Settings>Brightness). I lowered the slider all the way to the bottom and turned auto-brightness off. Finally I made a personal decision to listen to only to music and to keep it off unless I needed to change a song. In which case I would use the handy double-tap on the home button to bring up the simplified music controls.

That final step may not be everyone’s choice but I have a feeling that it was one of the major reasons that it lasted so long.  Feel free to experiment for yourself and if you have any other battery-life saving tips, feel free to post them below.


Top 10 Free iPhone Apps [Quick List]

5 08 2008

Below is my personal list of my top ten favorite free applications from the App Store as of current.


9. Exposure

8. NetNewsWire

7. Aurora Feint

6. Remote

5. Facebook


3. 1Password

2. BoxOffice

1. Zenbe Lists

Reign of the iPod Over?

21 06 2008

Is it possible to imagine a world where Apple isn’t dependent or even manufacturing the iPod anymore? This may be approaching a lot sooner than one may think. If you look back at the keynote from Steve Jobs almost two weeks ago, he outlined the three central items that make Apple who they are: Mac, iPhone and “Music”. What’s interesting here is that he did not explicitly mention the iPod during this. Which is surprising, considering for one, that 40 percent of Apple’s profits ($24 billion) were generated through iPod and iTunes sales – the other half being from its iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook series, which have been increasing in sales immensely due to poor acceptance of Windows Vista and the popularity the iPod has created for the company. In 2007, the personal computer division sales rose around 40%. Now, if you contrast this with iPod growth, you see a totally different story. In 2004, the year-over year sales growth topped 500%; in 2005, it was around 207%; 2006 it was 50% and in 2007 it was only around 6% increase. Based on these trends, it is completely feasible that the iPod may reach a 0% increase, and even possibly a decrease in the iPod’s sales y/y.

Apple has obviously realized that the seemingly endless rise of the iPod can’t continue forever, seeing as they excluded even the title “iPod” from the keynote. They have begun to focus on the “new gadget” – one which they will try to repeat the phenomenon displayed by the iPod. The iPhone in essence, is an iPod, but with many more capabilities. It is where the current market is quickly heading – the all-in-one device. As society has progressed, we have seen more and more creations being packed in to smaller and smaller packages. Prime example – the calculator. How many people, unless they’re still in school, still buy a calculator? What’s the need? Most devices carry them in some form or another: computers, cell phones, even the iPod touch has one. Is this the direction the iPod is headed? I believe so.

If you take a look at cell phones nowadays, they already have the built in MP3 capabilities of an iPod plus the functionality of a phone. Why would anyone want an iPod when they can get a similar MP3 player with a phone included. Also, a large amount of people use their cell phones as their lifelines – all the more reasons to have everything in one device. A well designed interface can’t stave off the incoming challengers forever.

Instead of placing all of their eggs in one basket, Apple has done the right thing and hasn’t put itself into a corner where it can’t escape. Instead they’ve branched out into other markets (eg. iPhone) and tested the waters there. So will there be a day when children ask their parents, “What’s an iPod?”. I believe this future is closer than we think.

SlingPlayer Coming to iPod touch and iPhone Soon?

9 03 2008
According to 9 to 5 Mac via, this is indeed the case:

“ is saying that Sling is ready to build an iPhone-iPod touch client for its popular place shifting video and TV over the Internet hardware. Obviously it won’t work well over EDGE, but it will work over WiFi and eventually over 3G. Their Sling source said:“iPhone and iPod touch are OS X devices, and we can write OS X apps with our eyes closed. It’s coming.

We know the 3G iPhone’s coming so that’ll obviously be better. But for now the iPod touch could end up being the best way to use Slingplayer.”

The iPhone-iPod makes sense as a fantastic platform for the Slingplayer. However, Apple might not want them on their platform for fear of interfering with iTunes TV shows. Perhaps Sling can build a streaming Quicktime format with web controls that can be utilized through AJAX?

As Slingbox and iPhone owning expats, we can only say to Apple….Bring the Sling!”

Review: iHome iH5 (Old system but the new ones are almost identical)

3 02 2008

Today, I’ve decided to take a look at the iHome iH5, which I’ve had for about two years. If you’re looking for a system that lets you play your iPod through great sounding speakers, this is the system for you.

When I first got the iHome, I was pleasantly surprised at how excellent the sound coming from it really was. The iHome truly shines, though, when played ridiculously loud because it still continues to deliver spectacular sounding audio. I use my iHome as an alarm clock because it has a couple nice features built in. For one, you have the option to wake up to your iPod every morning to the song of your choice. Also, it has a FM antenna that allows you to pick up radio stations, which is quite nice, I find. Your final choice is a buzzer that gradually gets louder, which is a welcome feature in my opinion. Another nice thing that I found out about it was that when your iPod is plugged in, it will charge it, as if it were a regular dock, but without the ability to connect to your computer. Finally, the sleep function allows you to either listen to the radio or your iPod while going to sleep and it will turn it off at a set time ranging from 120 minutes to 15 minutes.

iHome is a fantastic audio company that pleasantly surprised me in every way and just recently, my whole family has switched their alarm clocks to iHomes as well. Since there is nothing bad that I could find about the iHome I would have to give it five stars.

Review: Apple iPod Touch

30 01 2008

If you don’t have one already have one, I strongly suggest that you get one. This is been my favorite toy for the last couple of months and I absolutely love it. The touch screen is the perfect sensitivity and all of the applications and settings are very intuitive; the learning curve for it is probably around 2 minutes. I was one of the ones who pre-ordered it the day it was announced, Sept. 5, so I’ve had some time to fiddle around with it and absolutely adore it- I couldn’t ask for anything better than this wonderful product Apple has made.

A couple of weeks after I bought it, I decided to do a little jailbreaking – and haven’t looked back. Now don’t get me wrong, the iPod alone is a great feature – and now with the iPhone apps prepackaged even better – but jailbreaking it adds a whole other dimension to its productivity and the community feeling involved with the product. There are quite a few fun games and applications available for it as well. For instance, the game Tap Tap Revolution is a little touchscreen version of Guitar Hero that accesses your song library and compares it to tabs that people have created and placed on the internet for your use, and allows you to use them free of charge.
All in all, the iPod touch is worth every penny and it would be tough for me to live a day without it. Five stars.

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