What Do You Want To See?

3 03 2008

I was wondering, what other things would you guys like me to write about besides OS X product reviews, because I’m sure not all of you are as Apple fanboyish as myself – not that I have anything against Windows in the slightest. News? Rumors? Interesting articles from other good sites? leave a comment below and let me know what you think.




2 responses

3 03 2008

I am interested in web design programs, and if you could do a review of dreamweaver or anything similar to that – that would be great! (I am a Mac fan also).

4 03 2008

I’ve actually been meaning to get into a little bit of web design but unfortunately I’ve been spending my money and time on other things. Unless anyone would like to donate $399 for a copy of Dreamweaver, (anyone?…nobody? really?) I hate to say it but I can’t really help you out on that front. Even if I owned a copy of a web design program, I wouldn’t be the best one to give you advice on how it works as I’m only a beginner when it comes to web stuff (hence why I’m using Blogger.com :P). But I really appreciate your feedback, and I’m glad to hear your a Mac fan too. In the meantime, keep reading and hopefully you’ll find something else that you find interesting.

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