Review: iHome iH5 (Old system but the new ones are almost identical)

3 02 2008

Today, I’ve decided to take a look at the iHome iH5, which I’ve had for about two years. If you’re looking for a system that lets you play your iPod through great sounding speakers, this is the system for you.

When I first got the iHome, I was pleasantly surprised at how excellent the sound coming from it really was. The iHome truly shines, though, when played ridiculously loud because it still continues to deliver spectacular sounding audio. I use my iHome as an alarm clock because it has a couple nice features built in. For one, you have the option to wake up to your iPod every morning to the song of your choice. Also, it has a FM antenna that allows you to pick up radio stations, which is quite nice, I find. Your final choice is a buzzer that gradually gets louder, which is a welcome feature in my opinion. Another nice thing that I found out about it was that when your iPod is plugged in, it will charge it, as if it were a regular dock, but without the ability to connect to your computer. Finally, the sleep function allows you to either listen to the radio or your iPod while going to sleep and it will turn it off at a set time ranging from 120 minutes to 15 minutes.

iHome is a fantastic audio company that pleasantly surprised me in every way and just recently, my whole family has switched their alarm clocks to iHomes as well. Since there is nothing bad that I could find about the iHome I would have to give it five stars.




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